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2024 - Queen Contest

Important Dates:

  • Start accepting entry forms April 1st. Forms are due by May 24th
  • June 3, 2024 - Queen Contestant Meeting @ 6:30 PM at the BCFA Expo. Ticket Sales Begin after the meeting ends.
  • Sunday, August 11, 2024 - Practice @ 6:30 PM: BCFA Fairgrounds
  • Sunday, September 15, 2024 – Practice at 6:30 PM, BCFA Fairgrounds
  • Saturday, September 21, 2024 - Fair Parade @ 10:00 AM, in line by 9:00 AM
  • September 22, 2024 - All Ticket Sales must be turned in by 5:00 pm
  • September 22, 2024 - Queen Contestant Lunch
  • Tuesday, September 24th, 2024 - Contest @ 8:00 PM

Entry Requirements:

  1. Contestants must be a single female, never married or had a marriage annulled. She must be a sophomore, junior or senior at the time of the contest and reside in Burleson County. She must be a member in good standing in either 4-H, FFA or FCCLA and have a Fair Project for the 2024 fair. The contestant is now and has always been a female.
  2. Contestants are required to have at least 1 (one) civic sponsor to compete in the contest. (Examples: 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, SPJST, Lions Club, EEA, etc.)
  3. Contestant is not now, nor has ever been pregnant. The contestant is not the adoptive parent of a child.
  4. Contestant has never been charged with or convicted of a felony offense. There are no adjudications presently pending against her
  5. Contestant must have a parade entry in the Burleson County Fair Parade. Only float entries will be considered for the queen float parade winner award/money. 1st place: $500, 2nd place: $300, 3rd place: $200
  6. Contestants will be required to sell fair memberships. All contestants will be required to sell a minimum of $600.00 in individual memberships (20 memberships) to qualify as a queen contestant. Contestants must sell a MINIMUM of 100 memberships to qualify for one of the scholarships awarded by the Burleson County Fair Association. Each contestant will be rebated a total of $3.00 for each membership sold. Rebated amounts will only be paid out upon BCFA receiving an acceptance letter from an accredited institution of higher education. The check will be made payable to the contestant. All proceeds shall be disbursed within two years of graduation from high school.
  7. Hair and make-up for the contest should be age appropriate.
  8. Contestants must attend all practices, pre-contest events and rehearsals unless excused, in advance, by the contest director or chairman.
  9. Any official reports of misconduct or unsportsmanlike behavior of a contestant or parent may result in disqualification.
  10. The Burleson County Fair Queen Contest has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. This includes but is not limited to the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pregnancy, etc. In the event a situation arises, the contestant/Fair Queen will be notified of our knowledge of the situation and could be asked to relinquish their title, sash, trophy and other awards, including forfeiting any and all scholarship funds.
  11. Contestants will use extreme caution and are encouraged to make certain there are no unseemly photos such as and not limited to alcohol, tobacco, illegal actions or lewd activities that the Burleson County Fair Association deems inappropriate on any social media pages. This includes written comments. This is part of the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. By not deleting said photos or comments, you could be asked to withdraw from the contest or relinquish the title.
  12. The contestants will abstain from public displays of affection (with boyfriends) during fair week.
  13. If any contestant or queen is asked to relinquish their title because of these matters, they are ineligible to run for the Burleson County Fair Queen in the future.
  14. No candidate can promote themselves as a candidate before the mandatory meeting on June 3rd. Any candidate who promoted themselves before June 3rd will be grounds for disqualification of the candidate. This includes contacting businesses, organizations, or people directly. This also includes posting to social media about purchasing fair tickets prior to when the candidate receives her tickets on June 3rd.
  15. Contestants may not advertise their flyers on social media or hang them in businesses until after June 3rd when they receive their tickets.
  16. Contestants are not allowed to offer incentives to purchase tickets, other than the raffle prizes listed on the BCFA membership to be drawn for with the purchase of the individual membership.
  17. Contestants will not advertise businesses as sponsors in any way.

Guidelines and Other Rules:

  1. All queen contestants will be provided with contact lists (names and phone numbers) for all previous ticket buyers at the Queen’s meeting on June 3rd.
  2. Contestants will be given their first 100 tickets to sell on June 3rd. Tickets will be given in no more than 100 ticket increments.
  3. Contestants are to give a 24-hour notice to the director/chairman for meeting times and locations to turn in tickets & money and to receive new tickets.
  4. Check and cash are the only accepted forms of payment for individual memberships. Online tickets are available for purchase as well. If memberships are purchased with cash, cash should be turned in. Memberships should not be purchased through electronic cash apps such as Venmo, Paypal, etc.
  5. Contestant needs to be present to receive a new increment of 100 tickets.
  6. After June 3rd, contestants are welcome to hang their flyers in businesses that allow it. All business advertisements flyers need to be removed by September 30th.
  7. Each contestant will be given a 20 ($50.00) poster allowance at Imagemaker in Caldwell.
  8. Contestants will need to submit to the chairman a short biography to be posted with their picture on the Burleson County Fair Association website.
  9. Contestants will submit to the chairman a head shot photograph to be on the Burleson County Fair Association website and the Burleson County Tribune.
  10. There will be a contestant brunch/dinner. Only queen contestants, committee members, and the current Burleson County Fair Queen will be welcome to attend.
  11. A list of 8-10 questions to be asked at the contest will be released by the committee no later than September 1st.
  12. No Fair Queen candidate will participate in removing or defacing another Queen candidate’s flyer on any advertisement or printed material.

Responsibilities of The Fair Queen & Contestants:

  1. All Fair Queen Contestants are required to help run buyer sheets at the Commercial Heifer Sale and Youth Livestock Auction on Friday and Saturday night.
  2. The winning contestant will serve as the official ambassador of the Burleson County Fair and must attend all fair activities during the fair week, including but not limited to all judging events, Commercial Heifer Sale, and Youth Livestock Auction. The Fair Queen will be required to take pictures with all winners in the livestock and creative living divisions and at the Commercial Heifer Sale and Youth Livestock Auction.
  3. The Burleson County Fair Queen will attend and represent Burleson County at the BCFA at the following Burleson County Fair Parade.
  4. The queen may also be requested to attend other events and/or activities within the county and surrounding areas. Should the queen be approached to attend events and/or activities outside of the Burleson County Fair, she shall direct the organizations to contact the BCFA Fair Queen Director and/or the BCFA Fair Queen Chairman. Any Fair Queen appearances must have the prior approval of the BCFA Fair Queen Director and BCFA Fair Queen Chairman.
  5. The Burleson County Fair Queen will also be required to be present at the Little Miss and Fair Queen Contest to crown the BCFA Fair Queen at next year’s ceremony.
  6. During the year of the Fair Queens reign, the Fair Queen must conduct herself in a professional manner.
  7. No awards that were won at the 2024 Burleson County Fair will be worn while exhibiting projects at the fair. This includes crowns, buckles, and sashes. Fair Queen and contestants will NOT wear their crown or sashes while showing or selling their projects.
  8. If for any reason should the Fair Queen not be able to fulfill her duties in accordance with these rules and regulations, the 1st Runner Up shall be named Fair Queen and duly authorized to perform in this capacity.
  9. Once a contestant has been crowned Burleson County Fair Queen, she is ineligible to run for the position in the future.
  10. In the event of a tie, all contestants will be brought back on stage individually for a tie breaker question. The judges will know who the tie breaker is between and will be judging only those contestants. Should there remain a tie after the tie breaker question, the 3 judges will determine the winner by secret vote.


Three Judges scores (50 points per judge) to include:

Ticket Sales are based on a prorated scoring system. The contestant who sold the highest number of total tickets will receive 50 points towards their overall score. The other contestants will then receive points based on the following proportion:

Highest Number of Tickets Sold =Contestant’s Number of Tickets Sold 50 Points Contestant’s Points

Maximum Total of 200 Points. The contestant with the highest total score will be crowned the Burleson County Fair Queen. Contestants agree that the decision of the judges is FINAL.

2024 Queen Entry Form

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