The Burleson County Fair takes pride in preserving the agriculture industry by providing youth with the opportunity to raise and display their livestock projects every year. Through the Burleson County Fair Livestock Show, youth are able to develop work ethic, communication skills, and livestock knowledge that will help them excel in their future.

Information, Rules & Entry Forms

1. Exhibitors or a parent must live in Burleson County, and/or, be enrolled in a Burleson County School for the 2022-2023 school year; and must have entered the third grade. All exhibitors must be a member of a Burleson County 4-H Club or FFA Chapter, attend 5 4-H Club or FFA Chapter meetings between September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023, and be in good standing with their respective club or chapter. Any incoming FFA member who has not been a member of FFA must have approval by the Agricultural Science teacher. Any 4-H or FFA member who is failing a course or is academically ineligible will not be allowed to show or sell his animal(s) in the Junior Livestock Division, however, the exhibitors animals are still eligible to show and sell in the Junior Livestock Shows and Sales by a substitute exhibitor approved by the committee chairperson. It is the responsibility of the FFA advisors and AgriLife Extension agents to inform the Burleson County Fair Association whether an exhibitor has met this requirement or not. Missed meetings can be made up according to the guidelines set by your FFA Chapter or Burleson County AgriLife Extension office. Exhibitors must follow the above rules in order to show and sell in any of the sale auctions.

2. Exhibitors must have owned and fed their animals since tag in date (except Poultry and Rabbit exhibits). All entries must be submitted on official entry blanks at time of tag in or order. All exhibitors are required to provide their social security number at time of entry, and to use the name listed on their social security card as the name on their entry card.

3. Exhibitors must be closely engaged in the feeding, maintenance, training, grooming, and overall welfare of his/her animals. Exhibitors and immediate family/guardians are responsible for providing the primary and continuous daily care of livestock projects throughout the validation period. The validation period begins immediately following the county validation date through the exhibition of the project at the Burleson County Fair. Livestock projects must be raised in Burleson County unless prior approval is given by the Burleson County Fair Board. Prior approval must be given in the event the animal will be outside the direct care of the exhibitor, immediate family/guardian, and/or the supervising County Extension Agent or Agricultural Science Teacher.

4. Competition will be open to Burleson County 4-H or FFA members that meet requirements.

5. Every precaution will be taken to protect all articles entered, but in no case will the Burleson County Fair Association or any director chairman, or worker be responsible for loss, damage, theft, or breakage or for other forms of loss.

6.Entries must be registered ONLINE through ShoWorks by entry deadlines. Youth Livestock will register at burleson.fairwire.com and Commercial Heifers will register at burlesonch.fairwire.com.

Entry fees will be charged as follows:

Market Animals, Poultry & Rabbits, Ag Mechanics…………………… $10.00

Commercial Heifers ………………………………………………………$30.00

7. Livestock are not to be removed from stalls except for water, leading about for exercise, washing, or outside tie outs except by special permission from that chairman in charge.

8. Exhibitors will be required to keep their space and stalls in a clean condition by removing filth and litter and placing the same in a designated area where the management may move it with ease. No bedding hay will be allowed in the livestock buildings. Violation of this rule will result in a $100 fine. The money will be deducted from sale proceeds if available. If the fine is not paid, there will be a one (1) year suspension of the exhibitor from the fair.

9. All exhibitors will abide by the parking rules established by the Burleson County Fair Board of Directors. V.I.P. passes only.

10. Each exhibitor must feed, bed, care for, and groom his animal or poultry exhibit during the entire fair.

11. All non-sale market steers, swine, lambs, and goats will be picked up between 9-10 a.m. Saturday, September 30, 2023. Broiler exhibitors shall leave one (1) broiler and rabbit exhibitors shall leave one (1) rabbit in each assigned coop (pen) after judging and shall take home all other broilers and rabbits. The broiler and rabbits remaining at the fair shall be released on Sunday, October 1, 2023. On Sunday, October 1, 2023 poultry and rabbit divisions will be released between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., all other livestock will be released at 10:00 a.m. and must be removed by 12:00 p.m. of that same day, except by approval of the committee chairman. Violation of this rule will result in a $100 fine. The money will be deducted from sale proceeds if available. If the fine is not paid, there will be a one (1) year suspension of the exhibitor from the fair.

12. If an animal has no competition in a class, the judge will award a ribbon depending on what the animal merits unless otherwise specified.

13. Exhibitors must be present at the auction sale and sell their own item unless permission is granted by that particular department chairman. Exhibitors must pick up sale order numbers prior to the sale from the Division Chairman at the Fair Office area.

14. The decision of the judge shall be FINAL. Any interference with Judge will result in disqualification or removal from fairgrounds.

15. PROTEST - for breeding and market classes.

  • a. All protest must be in writing and accompanied by a $150.00 cash or cashier’s check deposit, which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. Such protest shall state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal and must be delivered to the chairman immediately following the occasion for such protest.
  • b. Protests against the Judge’s decision will not be accepted by the management and the decision of the Judge shall be FINAL.

16. Any questions, complaints, protests, or concerns within a committee must be taken through the proper chain of command. They include committee chairman, director in-charge, livestock superintendent then fair board of directors.

17. The Fair Executive Committee will review all violations and has final authority on all disputes.

18. All livestock that are found to be infected with or exposed to any contagious disease or deemed unfit by the committee will be removed from the show grounds immediately.


The use by non-veterinarians* of animal drugs of other substances in any manner other than in accord with the labeling approved by FDA is a violation of federal law. Exhibitor and Exhibitor’s parents and/or guardians agree that: (1) they are absolutely and completely responsible persons for the care and custody of their animals, (2) the Burleson County Fair Association shall be entitled to disqualify any exhibitor whose animal tests positive for any drug, even if the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents or guardians are innocent of any wrongdoing and did not administer the drug, (3) the drug test results of the testing laboratories are final and binding upon the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents and/or guardian. Even if the source of the drug is unknown, the Burleson County Fair Association shall be entitled to disqualify the exhibitor. *Abuse of the extra-label privilege by the veterinarians is unethical and is subject to serious consequences such as license revocation.


All exhibits are under the control and direction of the Burleson County Fair, but the Burleson County Fair Association is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any consequential or any other loss, injury or damage done to, or occasioned by, or arising from, any animal or article exhibited by him and for its description as given in the catalog, and shall indemnify the Burleson County Fair Association against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto, as well as damage or injury to any other person or property, caused by the exhibitor, or any of the animals exhibited by him, or arising out of, or in any way connected with such exhibition of any of the animals so exhibited.


To foster fair competition, to provide a level playing field and to protect the safety of food, the showing of unethically fitted livestock, livestock of any ineligible age for exhibition in the class entered, and/or animals being administered unapproved drugs is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any animal that has been administered a drug that is FDA approved for its species is subject to disqualification if that animal tests positive for that drug upon arrival at the Fairgrounds. All animals must remain free and clear of all drug and chemical residues while on Fairgrounds.


The showing of any animal that has been administered during its life any quantity of any unapproved drug, chemical or medication is strictly prohibited. Such drugs include, but are not limited to, any diuretic, unapproved growth stimulant or other unapproved medication. Unapproved means not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for slaughter animals including animals that may be destined for human consumption.


If an animal has been administered a drug that is FDA approved for its species, sufficient time must have passed so that the animal does not test positive for that drug upon arrival at the Fairgrounds. Animals must remain free and clear of all drug and chemical residues while on the Fairgrounds. Please note that elimination time (the time it takes for no drug residue to be found in the system) is generally longer than the labeled withdrawal time for most approved drugs.


As condition for participation in the Fair, exhibitor must agree to submit any animal entered by the exhibitor for inspection. Exhibitor agrees to have such animal submitted to any test requested by the Fair. Exhibitor also agrees that the opinion reached by the Fair or its officials as to whether such animal is unethically fitted or over age shall be final and binding without recourse against the Fair or any of its officers. Further, the Fair specifically reserves the right to have tissue, blood feather, fecal, or urine laboratory analysis made on any animal entered for competition. The conclusions reached by the laboratory shall be final and binding without recourse against the Fair or any of its officers. An exhibitor of an animal that is found to be unethically fitted, over age, and/or testing positive for any drug or medication or unapproved chemical may forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit livestock in the future at the Fair.


If an animal requires emergency treatment while on Fairgrounds, only a licensed veterinarian will be allowed to administer any drug, chemical or feed additive. An exhibitor may choose a licensed veterinarian other than the official Fair veterinarian, but the official Fair veterinarian MUST be notified in advance, and he/she MUST be present. Animals which are administered treatments with a withdrawal or extended elimination time period will be disqualified from competition. Furthermore, The Official Fair Veterinarian, in agreement with Fair Management, reserve the right to treat any animal if, in the opinion of the Official Fair Veterinarian, it is in the best interest of the animal’s health and well-being to be treated. If the Official Fair Veterinarian administers treatment to an animal, and therefore uses any medication that does not meet the appropriate withdrawal and/or elimination time, the animal will be determined ineligible for completion.


All treatment costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor. The Burleson County Fair Association reserves the right to condemn and/or disqualify any animal, either live or slaughtered, found in violation of the use of drugs, chemicals or feed additives as described above and the exhibitor will forfeit all auction sale and/or premium money if the animal is disqualified. If an animal(s) is disqualified for testing positive and/or the carcass condemned at slaughter, the class placing will not change. An exhibitor of animal producing a sample having a quantity of drug residue of any kind may forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit livestock in the future at the BCF.

  • *1st Offense - Loss of premium money and auction proceeds, Failure to surrender these may/will result in a 1 year suspension.
  • *2nd Offense - Rule #1 plus suspension of 1 year from participating in BCF
  • *3rd Offense – Rule #1 and exhibitor will be banned from future participation.

21. Feeding medicated feed to market animals and poultry after the withdrawal period has expired is not permitted. All feed must be fed in accordance with the withdrawal period.

22. Registration papers for breeding beef heifers must be presented to Division Chairman as proof of ownership.

23. Showmanship awards will be presented to the top showman in the following grade divisions: Junior – grades 3-5, Intermediate – grades 6-8 and Senior – grades 9-12. Showmanship is presented in each of the Broiler, Turkey, Steer, Swine, Lamb, Goat, and Heifer Divisions. Winners will be selected on the merits received for fitting and showing their own animals during their respective judging events. Ag Mechanics will have an overall Showmanship awarded.

24. It will be left up to the directors to make up the sale order list.

25. The highest placing animal within the specific market divisions must sell.

26. The highest placing livestock project must sell unless exhibitor requests a substitution change from another division in person with the division committee chairman. All substitution and release (animals not qualifying for the Auction) forms must be submitted by 9:00 p.m. Thursday, September 28, 2023, except for those showing broilers and turkeys on Friday, September 29, 2023 which must submit substitution forms immediately following the turkey and broiler show.

27. Animals not qualifying for the Auction must be picked up between 9-10 a.m. Saturday morning, or they will go to the floor buyer.

28. All livestock, poultry, and rabbit exhibits will be checked in with that division chairman according to the schedule listed in Livestock Rule Book. Stall assignments will be made by the committee chairman. Livestock Divisions with weight requirements will be weighed one time only, unless they weighed out, they are allowed one more immediate weigh, excluding any Division with a weigh back rule.

29. If an exhibitor has two or more animals showing at the same time, a qualified Burleson County

4-H or FFA fair exhibitor will be allowed to serve as a substitute exhibitor.

30. All market animals and Jr. Breeding Beef Heifers will be fitted and groomed by exhibitors, parents, family members, Burleson County 4-H Leaders, Ag Instructors, County Extension Agent.

30a. No market animals will be allowed to be clipped or sheared on fair grounds. No blow dryers to be used on market animals.

30b. No change of the color pattern of the market animals by painting or dyeing will be allowed.

31. Each division will formulate a list of judges that is agreed on by that division committee.

List of three (3) judges will be taken before BCFA Board of Directors for approval by the February meeting, and the judge confirmed by March 1, 2023. No judge or sifter shall be a Burleson County resident or related to any exhibitor showing at the Burleson County Fair or any other interest that is deemed a conflict by the Burleson County Fair Board Directors.

A judge may not serve more than 2 consecutive years.

32. Mandatory: Thank you notes to the Buyer of exhibitor animals, buckles, premium money, and any other sponsored item, will be given to 4-H Leaders or Advisors in a stamped, addressed unsealed envelope. BCFA will mail the thank you notes to the Buyers. Thank you notes must be handwritten in twenty (20) words or more and received by November 1, 2023, failure to submit thank you letters by December 1, 2023. When money is available and thank you notes received, the BCFA will make checks available to Exhibitors.


33. All checks left more than 90 days from date of issue become the property of the Burleson County Fair Association and will be applied to the scholarship fund.

34. Only pictures to be taken with buyers during the Livestock Sale shall be the pictures of the exhibitors with the buyer of the grand and reserve champions in each division. All other pictures may be taken during and after the sale.

35. No Awards that were won at the 2023 Fair will be worn while exhibiting projects at the fair. This consists of crowns, ribbons, sashes, and belt buckles.

36. Poultry and rabbits that are not of show quality will be sifted at time of check in and will be sent home immediately and not eligible for sale. All other market animals will be sifted for market quality at the time of weigh in. Sifted animals are not eligible for sale.

37. Showmanship exhibitors will come back with their own exhibited entry. Showmanship divided by Senior Showmanship grades 9-12, Intermediate Showmanship grades 6-8, and Junior Showmanship grades 3-5, except Ag Mechanics.

38. Exhibitors must show their own animals unless approved by committee chairperson. EXCEPTION: poultry and rabbits

  • ·All entries (animals) that have checked in – sifted & weighed – must be shown, no exceptions.

39. No pets allowed on fairgrounds during Fair, except to assist handicapped people or while participating in pet show Saturday morning.



42. All market animals must comply with USDA regulations for transportation, slaughter, country of origin statement, and no feeding of animal byproducts at time of tag-in and entry!

43. Any youth livestock is eligible to be used by the Livestock Judging Team for Contest and the Champion Drive Contest.

The Burleson County Fair is a non-profit organization which exists solely to promote the educational opportunities of the youth of our county. In order to produce this event, the fair must be able to financially meet all of its obligations. Accordingly, all persons entering the fairgrounds for the duration of the fair are expected to pay an entry fee or be a member of the fair association and thereby have paid a fee. No exceptions.


Post Office Box 12966, Austin, Texas 78711-2966

The Burleson County Fair Association will abide by the current rules and regulations governing county fairs and expositions, set by the Texas Animal Health Commission, for all livestock and poultry.

Consult with the Livestock Superintendent, Livestock Division Directors, Agri-Life Extension Agent, or the Agricultural Science Teachers concerning health requirements and proper health certificates.

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